Customer Testimonials

Actual testimonials from people who were able to get behind the wheel of a new car

Customer Testimonials

Below are actual testimonials that we have received from people who were able to get behind the wheel of a new car thanks to 1-800-BarNone. They found out just how simple buying a vehicle can be with the BarNone program, even if they had credit problems. We look forward to assisting you if you are currently trying to purchase a new or used vehicle.

"I would like to thank BarNone for helping me to purchase my first car. It was easy. I applied online and the next day a dealer contacted me at work. I went to the dealership and drove away with the car that I wanted. You made it so easy. I wasn't hassled and I signed the contract the very next day. Thank you so much. You took the hassle out of buying a new car." -Leslie H.

I am writing to thank BarNone for providing me the ability to drive away with the car of my choice. From the moment I made the call to BarNone, I immediately received an email outlining the next steps. From the email to 72 hours later, I was driving home with the car of my choice, an Audi A4. Additionally, I would like to extend thanks to the professional auto dealer referred by BarNone, the Atlantic Auto Mall in NY. From the moment I received the call from the Finance Manager, she provided professional and courteous service. Her sales staff was equally as professional and courteous. I can say with confidence that my experience at Atlantic Auto Mall resulted in a positive reward for me in the end. Lastly, I will share my rewarding experience with BarNone and Atlantic Auto Mall with my friends and family and for those in need of an auto lifeline. Both organizations working together provided me with hope and mobility. Thank You So Much! Kind Regards, -Mary in Stamford CT

"I just wanted to let you guys know what a great service you have. I contacted you guys yesterday, and then was contacted by a dealership, and was approved within the hour. Today I'm driving a new car. Once again thank you so much; keep up the good work! -Norman Nelson

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience my husband and I had at our local Chevy dealer. We are working toward fixing up our credit, but it will be a while before we have really great credit ratings. We were treated with the greatest respect by the salesman we dealt with, even though we were using BarNone. The Financing people were wonderful (and how often can you say that about financing people). We were treated like regular, great credit customers, and not only did we feel really great about the experience, we were able to get two cars (we had only planned on getting one). We came away with such a great feeling and just wanted the folks out there to know that there are dealers working with BarNone that know how to treat you even if your credit isn't that great. Thank you very much. It was well worth it to us. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. BarNone is very highly recommended! -Frances M. Guenthner

Just wanted to say thanks for helping me get a car! You referred me to a dealer in my area who helped me finance the car I wanted when no one else would even talk to me! You guys are the best! -Maria H.

After being given the run around on trying to purchase a new vehicle, I had given up. A few days later I received a letter in the mail from BarNone. I called and the very next day a dealership called me to set up an appt. That night I was driving a new 2006 SUV! I still can't believe it. Thank you BarNone! Kind Regards, -Sonya Johnson

With great skepticism, I connected to your website, pre-convinced that it would be "just like the rest,"a lot of hype but no bite. I was terribly mistaken. It is obvious from your professionally done website that you are "true blue"for your prospective car-buying customers. In the near future I hope to be one, when I have sufficient down payment for the car of my choice. I hope that this summer I will have my down payment. Once again, you have really convinced me and given me some hope to replace my 1989 Toyota Tercel. You shall be hearing more from me, or better yet, you shall be seeing me real soon. -Rita B., Homestead, FL

I was very skeptical of the advertisement I received...Until I got the next day letter...I went to the dealer listed and I was totally amazed! Not only did we find and get the exact minivan we have been wanting and needing (with two teens the family car was shrinking every day). We were treated better than we had ever been in ANY retail environment...I have been applauding and telling all of my friends and co-workers about BARNONE!!!! Thanks, -Bob J.

I just wanted to let you know that I bought a car last week! Thanks to your company, BarNone, I was given an opportunity to drive home in a reliable, yet affordable, a clean used car!!! I am so glad that I went ahead and took a chance. I thought that I wouldn't qualify, but with my trade-in and $500 down, I was able to drive home in a used Mazda! Thank you so much!!!! I am very grateful to you!!!! Sincerely, A mom without car worries! -Lorena C.

I saw your ad on TV 12/16. I called and found out you have a website to apply. I completed your online application 12/16. I got a call on 12/18 from the dealer and we discussed my car buying needs and circumstances. I was assured the dealer could finance a car for me. I visited the dealer on 12/19 and found a car I wanted. On 12/20 I faxed all required documents the dealer needed to give to the prospective financial institutions. On 12/21 at 7PM I drove off with my new car. Unbelievable! You see, I was turned down twice by 2 car dealerships-Mitsubishi & Toyota, within the last few months trying to get a new car. My four-year lease on a Ford Explorer was due to end in Feb. So I thank God that I saw your TV ad. -Alonzo S., Riverside, CA